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Are you looking to automate business processes and not sure where to start to increase your organisation's productivity and drive growth? An automation assessment is the first step on your journey to process automation and digital transformation.


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Why opt for an Automation Assessment?

Knowing which processes can be automated requires skill, experience, and a robust framework of evaluating which processes are worth automating. A process automation assessment is a framework to comprehensively examine processes within a business unit or organisation with the aim of identifying, validating, and selecting those processes that are best suited for automation.

Many processes may not have undergone a thorough assessment before considering them for automation. Therefore, it is essential to examine all of your existing processes with a fresh perspective before embarking on any kind of automation efforts.

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"One of the reasons organisations fail in kicking off a program of work around process automation is that they choose the wrong process or processes to automate."


Peri Siatras, Digital Automation Specialist, Ricoh

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Your path to successful automation begins with selecting the right processes to automate. It's not about automating the process just because the process is repetitive or mundane. Instead, it's about building an informed automation strategy with measurable outcomes. This is where the Ricoh Automation Assessment can help your organisation's strategy.

Assessment Services  Can you do the Automation Assessment yourself?

Utilising the services of experienced automation consultants for automation assessments offers numerous advantages for a business. Attempting an in-house assessment without the requisite expertise carries a significant risk of automating processes that may not yield the intended benefits, or worse, discovering at a later stage that the chosen process is totally unsuitable for automation.

Our team of experts comes with years of automation experience and adopts a structured methodology to pinpoint the most suitable processes for automation in your business. Their primary focus is on creating an automation roadmap for your organisation while steering clear of any software platform bias.

The Ricoh Automation Assessment
offers you a chance to:

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01 Identify Quick Wins: Discover processes within your organisation that are suitable for automation. Unearth the potential for optimisation and efficiency within your teams and overall organisation.

02 Prioritise With Precision: Not all processes are created equal for automation. We help you evaluate which processes qualify for automation and to what extent they can be successfully automated for measurable benefits. This will ensure a return on investment for your automation program.

03 Maximise Your Automation ROI: Make informed decisions and execute your automation strategy with confidence. By choosing the right processes and the optimal sequence for automation, you'll set your organisation on the path to success.

04 Embrace Digital Transformation: In the era of digital transformation, automation is key. A formal Automation Assessment is essential for any organisation looking to thrive in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.


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Take that critical first step toward process optimisation, increased efficiency, and cost savings. Let our experts guide you in shaping a strategy that ensures your organisation doesn't just automate but automates wisely.

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