Updating Your Network: 5 Factors for Seamless Connectivity

July 03, 2023
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A PDF booklet titled "Updating Your Network: 5 factors for Seamless Connectivity"

A robust network should operate like a well-planned highway, propelling your business forward and connecting employees and customers to key resources for their success. However, the reality is that many businesses lack the technology and expertise to ensure such connectivity.

Maintaining performance, security, and optimising costs requires not only the right skills and knowledge, but an up-to-date, scalable, and resilient network that grows at pace with your business.

When you know it’s time for an update

Updating Your Network: 5 Key Considerations for Seamless Connectivity

Organisations are often stuck using legacy equipment that are incapable of handling today’s workload and complexities, leading many to resort to consumer-grade networks and devices instead. These systems lack important security measures, which can lead to a host of cyber risks.

Furthermore, skilled IT personnel are harder to find and retain, with 64% of IT executives citing talent scarcity as the biggest barrier to adopting emerging technology. This poses a significant challenge particularly for many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that struggle when it comes to network infrastructure and the internet.

Now, businesses need a competitive and scalable network infrastructure––supported by reliable service and maintenance—powered by a clear vision that aligns networking strategies with overall business objectives.

5 things to consider when updating your network

Consider these five factors when updating your network.


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Understanding today’s minimum bandwidth requirements
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Forgoing legacy networking equipment
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Setting up at a new location
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Ensuring network security
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Supporting multiple locations

Partnering with an experienced networking solutions provider enables you to better navigate all these networking complexities––without the cost of hiring and retaining a full IT staff.

Updating Your Network: 5 Key Considerations for Seamless Connectivity

To explore these points in greater detail, and learn how Ricoh Network Solutions can help you achieve your business goals, download the full article now.

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A PDF booklet titled "Updating Your Network: 5 factors for Seamless Connectivity"

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